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    Get a giant telephoto lens.

    Start zoomed all the way out.

    Step back a few feet and zoom in so the object is the same size.


    Or it’s witchcraft and we need to set this photographer on fire. 

    i’ve always wanted to see someone do this!!

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    “Photographer Lee Eunyeol constructs elaborate light installations that appear as if the night sky was flipped upside down with glowing stars and planets nested inside tall grass or between deep earthen cracks.”

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  • sam-pop:

    The Weather Project
    , 2003

  • hypna:

    Wavesis an installation that uses two motors to oscillate a length of rope, creating a visual reminiscent of a digital waveform while creating it’s own whipping hum from the motion of the rope cutting through the air.


    This is awesome…

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    Ikenaga Yasunari is a 1965-born Japanese artist. His paintings depict beautiful women, whose expressions and postures suggest a dreamy atmosphere.
    Ikenaga’s paintings also showcase exquisite textile pattern designs. His subjects are always women of modern times, but at the same time, the Nihonga painting style reflects ancient Japanese traditions, which gives his works a timeless feel. He creates his art by dropping Japanese paints into the canvas that he calls “linen cloth”, with a Menso brush.

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    Sketches while Driving’, Dmitry Kustanovich

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